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Foreign language courses

Delta Intercontact is a language school offering educational services in the study of foreign languages.

The company has the following departments:

·         School of Russian Language and Culture,

·         Courses of Foreign Languages for International Communication,

The advantages of Delta Intercontact include: high quality of services for a reasonable price, friendly atmosphere, individual approach to each customer, flexibility in fulfilling the needs of individual requirements.

Delta Intercontact is situated in the medium-sized city of Tver (population 500,000), located 170 km north-west of Moscow on the main train line between Moscow and St. Petersburg, and thus is an ideal learning environment. With its numerous educational and cultural institutions, active political life, flourishing media, and diversified industries, Tver offers students of contemporary Russia many opportunities to hone their language skills while enjoying the hospitality within the Russian provinces.


Friendly Atmosphere

You are sure to find a good company of your peers among our other students, your host family and school administration and teachers.


Delta Intercontact teaches English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chineese to Russians. You may be interested in giving classes as a native speaker.


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