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Курсы английского языка

Занятия в группах и индивидуально

Вы можете заниматься в группах или индивидуально – смотрите, какой вариант больше устраивает вас по формату проведения и стоимости.

Многолетний опыт работы

Наши курсы - старейшие в городе. История Интерконтакта идет с 1989 года, когда студенты факультета РГФ в паре университетских аудиторий организовали свои курсы.

Курсы английского языка, пожалуй, самые востребованные в настоящее время. Кто и почему хочет изучать английский язык? Люди самых разных возрастов и сфер деятельности. Кто-то работает в компании, связанной с международными контактами, кто-то любит путешествовать, кто-то просто хочет и любит учиться. С июня по август 2017 года проходят летние курсы. 

Занятия проходят интенсивно и интересно, легко и весло. Учебные материалы выбраны исходя из требований современности, коммуникативной направленности, интенсивности, интересности, наличия страноведческой информации, хорошей грамматической структуры. Возможны занятия по Скайпу!!! Первые ознакомительные 30 минут — бесплатно!

Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, Вы можете протестировать свой уровень английского на нашем сайте:

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По пятницам наша школа организует бесплатные клубные занятия для всех, кто хотел бы попрактиковаться в английском языке. Темы таких занятий связаны с традициями, праздниками, культурой, ну и, конечно, языком. Предлагаем вам познакомиться с отчетом о клубе, посвященном ошибкам – English Club «Lost in Translation», а также выполнить небольшое задание!


Lost in Translation is the title of the hugely successful 2003 Sofia Coppola film starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray. In that romantic comedy even the two American lead characters didn’t really understand each other. But in the end, they got the message!

And all language learning is a such process of trial and error. We try, we make mistakes, we try again, we make less bad mistakes! )) When we are babies we learn our mother tongue without a mess in our heads because no other language system is interfering with the learning process. The older we get, the more our native language becomes an obstacle to learning a second language. We want our new language to behave itself, and fit in with our old one. Sometimes it goes well, often it’s a very badly-behaved child!

Lost in Translation was also the name of our latest English Club, where we tried to understand the most common mistakes Russian learners make when speaking English; not so that we can criticize, but so that we can understand the logical reason for our errors. Mistakes are often not the result of carelessness, laziness or stupidity, but a mirror of our native language.

So first of all we tried to correct a message from an imaginary guy in Chelyabinsk. See how many errors you can find. What was the cause of most of them?

Hi guys! My name is Vitaly. Now I am wanting to connect to English speakers to have practice in it. My familiar is Ivanov. It is most usual name in our country. I am Russian. I am living in Chelyabinsk. I born in 1987. I tell you who am I. I’m working in big fabric from 2009. I graduated metallic university and after I became to work like a specialist. Now I am having a family. Wife and two babies. My wife born my smaller daughter nine months ago. My bigger was in 2010 year. I am loving my both girls. My wife is Anna - she is an accounter, but now she is sitting with the childs. She is so smart and looks very sympathetic. She has very thin sense of humour and speaks English much more better then me. What is bad I am not having time enough for the English. What about work, every day I am driving my car there. I go to parking and stay my car there. In my cabinet there is three persons. I and two mans – Artyom and Boris. Boris is my chef. And Artyom and Boris are all good guys. Boris controls my work and he decides all my difficult to solve problems. He is knowing much about our equipments. Every of us care about the techniques in our plant. But last time I not really liking my job and I am boring. Good news! Since next year I am a programmist and I will working with new soft for engineering. But I very like my colleges. They is all very kind and I thinking that I’m popular between them. We often go to walk after work on Fridays. We like going to bar and drink beers. We also like eat anything. Our lovely snake is fried potatoes. I must take care about it because I am getting the wait. Now I have 92 kilos! Last time I am feeling very tired from work. So I am waiting my New Year holiday. If I will have free time I going to skiing in the nature. We with Artyom is going to live in forest for two days. We never don’t forget take meat for barbecue and some vodka for to be warm hot! Thanks that you read my message! Sorry I do so much mistakes, but I hope you understand me and can to help to do my English more correcter ) By the way, I am happy that Microsoft spell cheque work good for me!”

The message of this message is very clear! Vitaly has learned a kind of English, full of “Russianisms”. He needs to go on a course (ideally at Delta Intercontact!!) to brush up the details. But he knows the structure of English, he knows many words, and he is an effective communicator, in spite of his errors. What is more, he is brave, unafraid to try to communicate. It means he can learn from the mistakes. And you? Are you also ready to be brave?)

And how about all those words in Russian that seem to have two confusingly similar words in English? Try this yourself. Put these twenty four words in pairs and explain the differences in meaning and/or use in English:

last     do     high   solve   cause   comfortable   as    raise   relations   common     lie    latest     study   reason   decide   general    tall    convenient    like    make   lay   rise  learn    attitude

Mistranslations can also be amusing, and why not have fun when discussing mistakes? For example, what’s humorous in these mini-dialogues?

A: What did you do last night?

B: Nothing much. I stayed in and looked at the TV all evening.  


A: I’m going to pass all my exams next month. I’m very nervous

      B: If you are so confident, why are you so nervous?


A: Tomorrow I’m going to cut my hair.

B: You poor dear! Can’t you afford to go to the hairdressers?


A: Do you think Russia will win the next football World Cup?

B: No, I don’t think.


A: Hello Svetlana.

B: Hello John. Come in and take off your clothes.

A: Wow, Svetlana, you don’t waste time!


In the end there are many ways to communicate and only one of them is perfectly correct; even native speakers don’t always manage that! Another way is Russlish, or – as it’s known in Brighton Beach, USA – рунглиш. Enjoy this YouTube clip:


She spoke both languages quite beautifully, don’t you think? )

So how can we reduce our errors? First of all, we must try to remember that Russian and English are different in grammar, structure, lexis, pronunciation, punctuation – in short, in everything. What works in Russian, doesn’t always work in English, and vice versa. So try not to translate everything. Learn combinations of words in English, phrases, whole sentences, rather than only individual words.

At the same time, try to use a mono-lingual (English-English) dictionary, suitable for your own level. Go there first for the definition of a word or phrase. Only after that, translate, if necessary.

Finally, if you have English lessons, always try to speak English only. It may seem painful, but in such a way you will get feedback on your mistakes, and be able to understand them, and lose them.

English Club is a free opportunity for anybody to visit our school. There are always teachers present, and native English speakers. Keep an eye on our community page in VKontakte (join us there!) and our Delta Intercontact site http://delta-ic.net for news of future Clubs. We look forward to seeing you!



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